June 15, 2007


Newsflash: I hyperlinked wrong. David's blog post about how JD and Maya saw Kanye crying at the accidental preggo movie is here.

OOOH, also, if you wanna get the Baltimore feeling, Double Daggers are doing a record release show at Ronnys tomorrow. Ok. I just had an idea. A challenge. Instead of googling their songs to see if it's worth yr time, lets do it old school and let it be a matter of word of mouth. Who do you know who likes Double Daggers? Is their taste reliable? In the interest of full disclosure I have never heard Double Daggers but I heard they are good. I got their record in the mail today, but as JR can tell you, he came over and helped me sift through some straggler mail of records that came out almost a year ago, a check for $30 on returns from Revolver on the last HIOQI where the check is so old it's invalid. I know in my heart I won't get to the DD record before tomorrow. Going to the show is easier. And really, just the right thing to do.

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