June 11, 2007


First things first. This new sectional couch is changing my life. I do not even miss having a table and chairs. The people who came and cleaned it told me that no wonder sitting on it was making me sickly allergic--the powder sprinkles all over it, in their educated guesstimation, was in fact, talcum powder, not PetFresh. The dude I bought it from, judging by his condo and his predeliction towards "soft pants", I can totally see him thinking "well, if it works on my feet, it'll work on the couch".
Morgan came over to help move it. As soon as we set it down, Matt made a joke. He said: "I haven't had a that much of a workout with two girls and a couch since my Sigma Pi days."
We went to go see Gang Gang Dance, and Nora and Al walked up and I was so happy to see them, I forgot to lock up my bike! They had on accidentally matching out fits; they looked like breakdancing squatters.
People are so particular and reverent about Gang Gang Dance that anytime someone mentions them we say "Oh, you mean Gong Gong Donch ?!" in a vaguely European lilt.
P1000364 1.jpg
We went early for Teith, which is Trevor from Pelican, this kid with big teeth and the woman who is married with Trevor. They may sound like progressive soft metal (Isis at their most Mogwai-i), but the dudes are so hardcore THEY GLUED THEIR ANIMAL MASKS TO THEIR FACES SO THEY WOULDN'T FALL OFF WHEN THEY HEADBANGED. Gluing shit to yr face is in the top ten of most metal activity you can partake in.
Gong Gong was straight up wicked witch Kate Bush and funky Vangelis. I wanted them to kick my ass. Miles said "It was a grave mistake not getting stoned before this show." I love Kate Bush and I am open to rainstick, capes and shofar-blowing, but it their Trapped in The Rainforest pt. 1-12 was just perjoratively hippy and I am too punk to deal with that shit. Still.

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