June 07, 2007


Remember when the Fugazi movie came out and people complained about how it was boring, all these shots of out the window, flat blacktop infinite ahead--but thats exactly what tour feels like, it's rhythm is zombied zoom. David's blog captures that. Maybe if you read Cali's blog you are familiar with him already. Plus his blog is good for candids of J Mascis at Bubbleland and such. Finding out that J doesn't fold his laundry brings me to a whole new level of respect for him. It's a spiritual matter, rumpledness is.

In other news, I took the yoga-studio edge off the newly emptied-out apartment by impulse buying an oatmeal colored plush sectional off C-list. Unfortunately, if you drop a sectional in a baren apartment, it just looks like a porn set. Britt says getting a sectional is a sign I've really made it. I'm not sure what I've made it too, but I think I know what she means. My other re-decorating and rearranging efforts are stalled out, due in part to my adoption of the credo "What would Leon Jaworski do?"--I haven't even started The Right and The Power yet, so honestly I have only speculation what sort decisive action he might take with the table-less and chair-less dining-zone. Does anyone know what time the slow lap lane opens up at Holstein Pool? It's too hot to ride and check, but all I wanna do is soft paddle.

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