June 06, 2007


The Byron Coley written liners for the redone Daydream Nation (out next week):
1. are a snooze a minute
2. casually bougie
3. procedural at best, reveal nothing new
4. assert that all that matters is the bands intent, not the text, meta text or possible deconstruction.
5. a sign that he ran out of things to say four SY re-issues ago
6. better than the Pay Farrell liner notes that proceed it, which are inexplicable and plagued with grammar problems so serious that I noticed them.
7. wistfully reminiscent about the crack epidemic
8. discusses "back-in-the-day" when you used to be able to find a sandwich for under $5 before gentrification swept the lower east side, then backs it up with a quote from Steve Shelly about the same. (LISTEN, SANDWICH INFLATION IS A SERIOUS CONCERN AND JUST ONE OF MANY WAYS THAT EVEN WELL TO DO WHITE PEOPLE ARE TOUCHED BY GENTRIFICATION, OK?!)
9. fails to draw any conclusion beyond it was a landmark album that synthesized all kindsa stuff and was also popular
10. feature a funny quote from Thurston about how the dude from Bone Awl wrote him a letter saying that DN is considered the template for Contemporary American Black Metal. Which I think is maybe a little true, but it's funny that Thurston would example their influence over a shit-fi metal band that puts out cassettes in editions of 300 as a testament to just Sonic Youth's far reaching legacy extends.

Lastly: Can they not find some other little chores for By. Co. to do? Like hosing down the driveway or xeroxing Thurston's poems---something more useful? I thought that the last Daydream Nation reissues with the Jutta Koether liners which read like a grad level artists statement about the luxuration of the absolute were bad enough. Why can no one find anything to say, and instead it's all just gee shucks and genuflecting? It's not like a maje discoursive contextualization is needed, but like, ANY, would be a step.

PS: By. Co.'s a dude unafraid of mandals


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