June 01, 2007


To answer Miles' query--here's why Kanye might be propping Kid Sis so hard:
1. She's the best thing on his whole mixtape*.
2. She's the only Chicago MC he knows now that Common moved away.
3. Shouting out people who aren't millionaires makes it seem like you know whats up.
4. Propping GLC more would just be embarrassing at this point.

(* Though when Kanye goes "Side! side!" on "Southside" he sounds like a rusty seagull, and I think pop rap could use more bird calls. PS> This is a FUCKING terrible mixtape. Kanyeeze sounds like he's reading aloud from the the J Peterman catalog while running on a treadmill. PPS. Making a 3 minute long "interlude" about how yr jokes don't come across as funny as you meant them in interviews is a such a high class problem it doesn't actually qualify as a problem.)

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