May 31, 2007


I got up at 6:40 am, went to the studio and let loose with my own inadequacy for a good three hours. Sometimes you go to the studio with your best intentions, with visions of Eva Ziesel lopped teapots and you wind up with what, in another country, might pass for an evil gravy boat. Sometimes you try and try and you just wind up with more labia-model ashtrays. And you finish and go to put this thing you've made--another in a series of of teeny dishes that'r only good for keeping earrings in, a thing you almost feel ok with--set it on the drying shelf next to this perfectly round massive bowl that will one day hold a salad that feeds 20, and feel mad at the salad bowl.

If nothing, my pottery work is supplying me with an endless series of bad metaphors for the rest of my life.

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