May 28, 2007


I think we could all use a little more of The Schla la las. Don't be put off by the uniforms, it's not what you are guessing it's gonna be. Meaning it doesn;t sound like a Sympathy 7" from 1993. Theyz British--it's tasteful!

The world is yours , African "Dope. Click "web radio": get/stay happy.

History lesson part II", this time without Mike Watt or the Pedro punk corndoggery: scroll down for the Big Bang II mix. It's a link born of 2006, but maybe you have been sleeping/ignoring linx because you are into French House now, and not into that old timey Brazilian Party Bounce. A little proto, a little backstory, it gives you a leg up.

The real party / Sweden ain't just about clever cute indie for tender: UMYO mixes that Hot Shit Mixtape, with an "Kryptonite Pussy" megamix within that's wholly untamed.

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