May 25, 2007


I went on an errand walk and I ran in Lemos. I swear, he was standing there just like that. He was going my way, so we walked and talked.
The trivia board at the punk bakery finally had a question I knew the answer to, so we stopped in. Answer: 1. Graffiti 2. Being Anonymous. I was right. Recent questions have been stuff like insane minutae about old MRR columnists, bassists in post-Crudos sideproject bands, etc. Meanwhile, most of clientele are very tan ladies in pantsuits ordering tiered cakes for baby showers while talking on an earpiece phone. I doubt any of them know who sang in The Spits either, so I'm not sweating it.
We met this tiny puppy outside the bakery. As we used to say, back before it seemed egregious to do so in light of the war and such, this puppy is KILLING IT.
Lots of art to see on the way home. This is my favorite mural. I used to think it was just some bright school-kid project, but the more I look at it, the more disturbing it is. Only the animals have faces. The people have tapered, handless arms. The lumpy man in the tyrolean hat is the very definition of shadowy figure. He's gonna try to steal that baby.
The Ukrainian orthodox church on Oakley. The bathing dudes getting sprinkled by the pope while they are in the water. Thats what I am guessing. They could be a holy swim team, too.
The city's new campaign to warn residents of the vital part that dog shit plays to the rat's diet features this jaunty figure. He's all "sup." He doesn't care one bit about feces. He's too tired from his long day at the office.
Fiores got a new mural recently with esp. fleshy looking meats. I am obsessed by these meats. And the smile of the deli man.

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