May 23, 2007


Some mini-ideez:

1. If you are not keeping up on Peter Margasak's blog here's a post that proves why you should be. School is in every day all day over there. I bet there are 8-10 things you had no idea about right in that one post! Usually, I like the internet best for it's jokes and movie listings, but learning is cool too.

2. Tommie Sunshine Presents Ultra.Rock Remixed has liners penned by Tommie hisself, and offer a reminder of why Chicago is just not the same w/o him here:
- "Finally, the woman on the cover of this CD is my girlfriend and future wife who I am very much in love with. Sorry girls, I'm taken."
- "Technology rules all of our lives and these sparse lyrics, sang repetitively into the ground are a hymn so we remember that one day it will no longer be up to us, it will [be] up to the machines."
- Regarding a Panic at the Disco remix: "I knew I had to remix them and after looking into it found that Pete Wentz from Fall out Boy, who I had already done a remix for, discovered them, so I put my management to task to make it happen. Of course since then they've become superstars as I knew they would be."
- When he compares the singer for Hellogoodbye to Cher and it's unclear whether it's an insult or a compliment.

2+) I'm sure there's 11 or 12 of you out there thinking they do not need the re-issue double disc of Sonic Youth Daydream Nation , but allow me hash this resistance from your mind and lets come to quorum on a few things. The live second disc is like the flexible rubber twin of the record proper. Part of the boundless magic of DN is that it's emotional center is on "slow defrost", it's sang-froid is it's intensity. But on disc deux with "The Sprawl" they play like a swinging party band, just as alive; it's polar to the DN you know by heart. Squishy middles and totally hardcore, wiley and perfect.
Theres things to learn here, too.

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