May 22, 2007


Remember those banners from the other week back? I forgot to mention, it was born of our hearts (natch), but it was also this assignment for Learning to Love You More, which, now, is linked on the right. It's a curational art assignment curious world site that Miranda July is involved with.

I updated some links. Rotated some people out, rotated others back in. Like a corn crop.

The Miranda July book is out this week or last. I reviewed it. It'll be in the Reader soonish. Short stories. I think if I had read it in peices, 3-4 chapter splits, I might of enjoyed it more. Now, I really like her work, find tremendous inspiration in her ouevre, but in taking the whole book in one sitting it becomes a compendium of pathetic people doing all manner of sad perversities to each other and themselves in order to get love and attention. Which, maybe you'll like. But that was the reason I put down The Diviners after 63 pages and later sold it. Because if I want my buttons pushed by pie-eyed depravity or be titilated by moral horror, I'll subscribe to In Touch.

Now, on a PMA/ SUMMER OF FRGVNSS note: whats the nice thing you're gonna do today? It has to be a secret or it doesn't count.

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