May 18, 2007


My 36 hours in Gary, IN is out. I wanted to make it 36, but had an asthmatic bronchitis attack that was so epic I had to pull over and thought "This is it. I am going to die here, alone, coughing, in front of the Gary Public Library." and did not get to Jonathan's House of Pancakes for the pancake breakfast. Google it if yr heading through--it's between Miller Beach and Black Cherri strip club (exotic oil wrestling Weds after 9 pm), on/by the 912. They are open til 4 pm daily and are the closest thing a forlorn midwesterner can get to Waffle House. ( Just thinking "Waffle House" makes me wanna go on tour. Other than getting to live in orbit of your home life and having a legit excuse for smelling bad, is there any better reason to go on tour than getting to eat at Waffle House?) Also, Matt took the pictures for the story. Go team! There is a bunch more stuff that I could of put in the story and stuff that got nixxed, but you'll just have to wait for the Gary zine. RailCats season opener is this week, against some weirdly named Canadian team (Halifax Tall Ships? no idea). On Fridays, they have fireworks and Saturdays are giveaways!

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