May 17, 2007


Dudes. Philip Sherburne is DJing at Sonoteque tonight. It's like 1400 Chicago, $10, 10 pm ish. I don't remember when I last saw him DJ (that mini sized place in SF, in some pre-two-step haze, dudes in Kangols yelling "bo!bo!bo!" and then they yelled "rewind selecta" and he did and everyone screamed, I remember not knowing how to dance to what he was playing, I had never heard music like it before OR was it in Barcelona playing the microest microhouse and it was 4 a.m., I had a sunburn and had been eating nothing but gelato for three days) but I remember seeing him when I was DJ-ing once; I played "Ante Up" and he screamed "what the fuck is this?!" his face bright as a lightbulb. If I could introduce people to one song for the rest of my life, that* might be it.

(OR: Bad Brains "Pay To Come", Bobby Purify "I'm Your Puppet", Sonic Youth "Silver Rocket", Fleetwood Mac "Dreams", any song off the first two Pretenders records, Maxine Brown "Oh No Not My Baby", Funky 4 + 1 "It's the Joint", Ghostface "Nutmeg", Joni Mitchell "Jungle Line", Neil Young "Cinnamon Girl", Jay Ferguson "Thunder Island", Edwin Birdsong "Cola Bottle Baby", Rhino 39 "Prolixin Stomp, Germs "Lexicon Devil", Josh Wink "Higher State of Conciousness (Tweakin Mix)", Junior Mervin "Police and Thieves" ad infinitum.)

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