May 15, 2007


Good news for people who love Jane Dark. Just this morning I was thinking I needed to re-read his Straw Dogs essay, which, it goes without saying, is a real brainsplitter. I was thinking about if violence against men, in pop and/or in film ever goes unanswered. In some movies where violence against women goes unavenged (Seidl's Dog Days, various Von Trier) I think of it as an act of feminist realism, a comment, but couldn't think of a movie where a man (or his wife/children/pride/car/family farm/homeland/father's pizza place) was harmed and he doesn't harm back with death blow force*. I am not sure if a film like that could get made, even outside of America. Because then you have a theatre full of people watching a movie where the protagonist is not the hero because we identify him as "pussy". And when the hero is foremost a pussy, it's to terrorize us, ie. the fecklessness of Hoffman's character in Straw Dogs, or even, like Patrick Swayze in Ghost--the primary source of tension is that he's powerless to save Demi Moore's life (vagina); he's emasculated and forced to work through the lesser vessel that is Whoopi Goldberg.

(* or at least allow his nemesis to drop off the building ledge/get swept away by a wave/ devoured by an alien predator)

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