May 15, 2007


After some research breeze throughs, and some concerted listens of tracks from Discobelle finnabes and some mixrekkids from nouveau mash/remix pros (Atrak por exemplo) I was struck by the amount of clashing-key din, a certain euphony that creates something halting. I don't know the technical name of whats happening, but it's something Nedelle taught me in the two days I played in her band: The key of the singing has to go with the music, or else it sounds wrong. Maybe everyone is just focusing on beats, or perhaps discordance is a scene-massing statement on the war that I am missing, but regardless, the computer makes amateurs out of even the talented. Technology can't be halted and real knowledge need not be availed; it'll be it's own genre soon enough and it hardly matters in the first place.

In the south, some people give guns to their own toddlers as presents. Seriously. I just read about it.

Meanwhile, I feel like Le Grizz gets it--those songs are a lot of the things that I want from music in the summer, and exactly what I want from a downloadable mash-ups: candy.

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