May 11, 2007


Watain are bona fide.

1. As I rode up, I saw the guitarist back by the dumpsters, he was doing his hair, pouring water on it and wringing it into a devil lock. It looked like he was pouring it out of a 40, so maybe he styles with OE. Anyhow: The weird part is that he was on his knees. Maybe he has better control that way, or he did not want to get his shoes all wet before he played. The band is in the middle of their "FUCK THE WORLD 2007", so he must be a pro by now. Whatever he was doing--It worked--when he got on stage, he looked dirty and undead and his hair looked slimy, as if he had just come from his grave in the sea. He has thin, thinning hair that goes past his shoulders and scraggles into his spiked arm/shoulder cuffs and a curious beard that is arranged like it boomeranged onto his mug and a coating of exceptionally grody corpse paint on his face. It was terrifying to look at, but I could not stop looking.

2. The singer had on an impossible amount of jewelry on. A whole shoebox worth, chains and spikes and leather and pewter death-affiliated charms. And attached to the microphone was his most serious accoutrement: the collarbone, spine and hip bones of a medium sized animal that the band (this was just how I heard story from Laurent, who heard it from the merch dude, that it was all together, group activity style) hunted and skinned the animal. It's spine was short but it's bones were thick, it did not drape the microphone, but arched out, it's hips were smaller than a mans. I was thinking in was maybe it was a hyena, or the Swedish hyena equivalent.

3. I was the only person at the show wearing a color.

4. There was a very pretty girl, stereotypically euro-gorgeous maybe, standing near us during Angel Corpse, in a home made tube dress made out metal shirts. She had make up on as if to appear as if she had been scratched terribly. Like she'd run through a briar patch or fought with an animal. Loving black metal means obscuring your hotness out of allegiance to the ugliness, per the nature of the genre. It seems strange to me, but it is no difference than the fashions of indie rock signaling stunted youth and a certain insouciance. But Hottie Scratchface was next level in that she wasn't defering to her good looks, her look was one of black metal fealty, above all.

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