May 02, 2007


All I really remember of the dream last night is that I was walking down the street and I saw a man standing on the street with and guitar tied to him and I said "Hey, Can you play "America" by John Fahey?" and he did. Magically, I pulled a guitar off my back and was like "Oh, thats nothing" and started playing it too, but totally shredding in a ZZ Top fashion. I wish this could actually happen. I also suggest someone do a metal style cover of "America", though I guess that would pretty much just be "Breadcrumb Trail" by Slint*. Sorry. Forget I mentioned it.

(* How do you feel about the trapped in the past line-up of the first night of Pitchfork? I know thats what ATP is--the tasteful version of an "'80s Flashback Lunch". But the contemporary underground as we know it is Zombie Of The 90s feasting on our brains as is, stuff like this is a sandbagging of the future, a moonlight bask in the epic familiar. Granted, I have selective nostalgia; Sonic Youth is ok forever, they'd get a pass even if they were reuniting with Bob Bert to cover Guv'ner songs and Lee did all the singing. But, listen, I got a 53 track Sebadoh promo reissue in the mail yesterday . We are now living in the pre-Bubble and Scrape continuum like a hamster habitrail, where your favorite song from 11th grade follows you unto death on a locked groove, a rotten albatross knocking against yr sternum with every step forward, wafting: "Knock Knock, it's Lou." It's like seeing the person who devirginized you on the street fifteen years later and having them wink at you.)

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