April 30, 2007


1. The Weather
Doesn;t it seem like it will stay sunny and short sleevesy? Seems bankable. Who had that song, was it The Acorns? Or the Pilgrims? It was a band Ann and Andie told me about when we all made the riot girl sleepover one-day zine together in high school, which was like 1993, and they were visiting from Omaha. The line "One hot day doesn't mean you should cut off all pants" or maybe it was "One hot day doesn't mean you should turn all your pants to shorts." As soon as it stays warm, I get tempted to not only pack my sweaters and pants away, but also, give them away. Like if the sweaters are gone it'll stay warm forever, an act of sympathetic magic.

2. Amendment to previous opinion.
St. Vincent record Marry Me , I previously said she was like post-Joanna Tori Amos, but actually I think she is like Linda Ronstadt with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra except she is both Linda and Nelson Riddle. She's really 40-ish for 23. Like Kate Bush does Sondheim.

3. In light of yr secret love of vocal house
The Apparat record is authoriative and pop. Techno's minimalism refuses shyness for this summer and gives into singing and sensuosness (or however you spell it). At first, it feels a little embarrassing--the singing and all the soft emotions. It''s too close to all those things we hate about winebar house or the later work of, say, ABC. That gooeyness that makes the Junior Boys both easy and hard to give into. The techno-singing is perhaps more palatable when it is "fey", or "Gibbardy", but it's moving past to a more passionate, house-y singerly singing; like a dare, all "'member this?" with a raised eyebrow. I think I can hang with it.

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