April 27, 2007


This week's Read-a-roo gots a thing I wrote about Nick Cave's libido and his hairline, Amy Winehouse's libido and her weave, being half-old and such. There is some other stuff I meant to say that got cut out (PS.I don't really feel 60, I feel a really 30 30), which maybe I will put in the new HIOQI or on here. HIOQI the reimagined not paper fanzine. Which is being made one day still. Even though this morning, looking through a copy of Paste, I realized I think music magazines are pretty much irrelevent. And not even because internet speed and bloggery or that sort of thing making them seem archaic and out of date; it's just because most of them are pretty terrible. I looked at it and thought "WHY DOES THIS EXIST?!" and could not come to an answer in my mind. The fact that it's on paper makes it seem that much more tragic. I was thinking, couldn't a fanzine be a something else? Like a story you call and tell people? A discussion club or a telephone tree? The conversation JR and Al and I had on the way to Gary? The one about conflicted personal feelings on "Stop Snitching" media fiasco after being a victim of an unprosecuted crime (JR), about the bougie nature of cultural criticism and how what we think or write about hip hop is totally irrelevent (Al), and but, ok, so does that mean you think we just shouldn't approach it entirely then, or is there a certain moral truism that applies across all cultures that makes criticizing hip hop "ok"--just as long as yr not doing it to affect a "civilizing" change, viewing white-liberal idea as moral standard (me)? Would that be a phone call fanzine?

During this conversation JR says "I don't care about Cam'ron, to me Cam'ron is just a man who wears jewelry," which felt like the true insite of the day. Didn't the guy who sang in the God Bullies do two issues of a fanzine called Insite? That's like a knock knock joke about living in the midwest in 1993.

Anyhow, why should fanzine ideas even be put to paper other than to make us feel important/"for posterity"? Why can't we just make a fanzine out of air? Or is that too emo?

Help me think about it, ok?

Mike Taylor did this Art here that's in this art show that has a lot of affordable prints , if you always think "I cannot afford art!" like I do, but seriously, you could go hog wild with like $60 on this spot. I want that Pippi Zornoza print; her work, in general, stutters my heart.

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