April 25, 2007


We started making a list the other night, after a viewing of Fletch (now on DVD!) of movies about journalism, being a reporter or working at a newspaper. Please email me yr additions to the list.

so far the list is:
Year of Living Dangerously
Citizen Kane
All the Presidents Men
The China Syndrome
Shattered Glass
The Insider
Broadcast News
The Great Muppet Caper
The Quiet American
Good Night and Good Luck
The Killing Fields
that bad one where Julia Roberts is a lady reporter

and here is a nice 10 minute film from 1940, for high school students, called, simply, Journalism, which features some info for the options available to girl reporters (writing about social events and creative ways to set the table) and other stern tips like "If you do not like writing, journalism is not the career for you".

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