April 20, 2007


from the Chic-a-g0-go mailing list! Write yr state rep before Tuesday!

You have probably heard all the ads about AT&T trying to make Comcast cable more competitive, and a pending bill. Well, it's pretty complicated, but basically the bill AT&T is trying to push through statewide would make cable cheaper because they would ignore the moral obligations cable is currently required to uphold. They would not have to serve neighborhoods they deemed undesirable, they would not have the same customer service obligations (imagine cable customer service getting worse!) and worst of all for us, they would not have to fund PEG channels (Public,. Governemnt). So not only would that cripple cable access, but it would also cut off some of the best outlets of information, and the best forums for public discourse, and some of the only true local broadcasts. AND IT MIGHT PUT RATSO ON THE STREETS!
HB1500 (as it is called) will have a hearing in Springfield on the morning of April 25. Before then (today, this weekend, Monday or early Tuesday):
WRITE YOUR REP AND TELL THEM TO VOTE NO TO HB1500! To find your Representative and their contact info go to:
For more info go to: http://ga6.org/campaign/hb1500_420/ineg68urotim868?


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