April 18, 2007


Morg-o came over before pottery to hang out. She was doing a make-up class and so I went with, just to "practice". They were confounded by the idea that I was going to throw some pots and then just stick 'em back in the clay bucket. The studio boss lady acted like I told her I was there to donate some enemas.
Morgo laid on the floor and tried to draw the cats to her. She was wearing the Bulls jersey she got for free at work as her pottery smock. I suggested we change it to say "BOWLS" because I like a good pun.
After pottery, she came and laid down again. She was tired from making clay magnificence. The cats would not bother with her still. I know what it looks like, but she wasn;t trying to entice Wyatt to visit her butt. I think she was doing yoga or some crunches.
Tonight we go back on normal pottery schedule and trim our "leather-hard" pots so they have feet. Last night our teacher made a joke to her regular students about how everyone likes a little trim, har har, if you get her meaning.
Oh, we do, we do.

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