April 17, 2007


Long tall Joanie Hiller sent me a thank you gift in the mail the other day that says "Goose Island Scramps" and is a xerox of a picture of a basketfull of fried shrimp with a plasti-tainer of special sauce. It's colored in with neon hi-lighter markers and red. The sign has a handle. She says if I wave it, someone will bring me some shrimps. Or, rather, scramps. I waved it at Matt. Instead he put some crumpets in the toaster oven. I think he was confused by the neon green of the scramps.

Anyone else here committed to watching the whole week of Frontline specials about the war? I watch and shake my head "for shame" a lot, and mostly I just wonder what it will take to end the war. It is so big and dumb, I imagine it might lumber forever, a specter looming over the next 50 years. When female soldiers are on screen I think about this article . The reporting of the article is a bit melodramatic and first person OMG! for my tastes, but I don't doubt what she's reporting, about women being raped.

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