April 13, 2007


Klaxons feature I did for todays Trib

Also, the Plan B that is retailing on shelves now, with Electralane on the cover features a co-written column from JR Nelson and myself. It's called "Whatever happened to punk rock? Sniffing the balls of America; a column, gently" and I think it came out pretty good. I think JR is really genius. The column makes me excited for the next Hit it or Quit It to come out. In the interim, Plan B is the only magazine about music you need to read.

More later on the Brotzmann show last night. You know, I thought I was the only one who had a crush on the 66 y.o. seadog, but I saw him being canoodled upon by a headturner who was my same age and a dead ringer for a young Christina Martinez. She whipped out a pen, gave him her number, folded it into his hand and frottaged the side of his body with hers, kissed him on the side of his baby turtle face and whispering in his ear. JR and I were lamping on the couch, witnessing, and after seeing him play, none of us were surprized. Everyone knows: free jazz masters who blow like that could electrify the loins of the dead.

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