April 10, 2007


The personal art odyssey by mail has bloomed. Everyones packs arrived today. or should have. Joan wrote first "Thanks so much for the banner that says MAP, I hung it over the map." She went on to say she thought it maybe was supposed to say "PAM". I guess it got tangled en route. "PMA" as in "I got my" not "PAM" as in non-stick cooking spray. JR says the fan blew SUMMER OF FORGIVENESS off his wall and he rolled up on it in his sleep and after 90 minutes of morning detangling effort, it was irreconsilably and fiercely tangled still, so we have to make a new one. Whatever. S.O.F. is all about continual bannering.
Positive Mental Attitude. PMA/SOF/07. Scrawl it on yr mitten.
And so it was written. And so it was done.
I can only imagine what these ones might arrive saying in a tangle.
I can only hope.
I have to wrap up my streak of painting e'rything flat black; it's getting messy, plus theres writing to be done. It's like the inverse of that Barr song, about obsessively painting everything with white enamel paint. That Barr record, pretty sure it's album of the year. Either way, seriously tough to beat. Also pretty great, Gonzales Solo Piano re-issue out now. Other news: The LCD Soundsystem record disgusts me. It makes my blood chalky and makes me feel like I'm trapped, Tron-style, in an internet-only etherworld ruled Reagan-style by Gorilla vs. Bear (or similar mp3 blog that makes me hate my precious life). It makes me want to live in a haystack house and only listen to the lapping of the shore, a real mind-shitifier Lcd's disco.
Or just live with a bale around my head to insulate me from this bad world.
THIS JUST IN: GOWNS are a great band and playing on Friday at South Union, with Rollin Hunt, the Daniel Johnston of the Bonnie Prince Billy generation and School of Art Inst jr. year dropouts. Gowns are experimental spooky and otherworldly. Not as otherworldly as Midnight Star's "Freak-a-zoid", more romantic, drunk & barfing from too many slugs of Robotussin. There are 4-5 really good shows on Friday, including LOW. That brand new Low record is worth however much it costs. It's a bloodbath. Endtimes, guns, betrayl, moral quandry, vengeance, reaping the fate you deserve and violence A PLENTY. Whew!

AND ALSO: The line up for next weeks Version fest is actually pretty decent--I'll see Paper Rad out of curiosity--it's been a few years--but my money is on Y.A.C.H.T., who are doing like 3 shows that week, so missing them (him?) will be hard unless yr trying to miss them.

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