April 08, 2007


Because sharing is caring, and pretty soon the greatest life-destroying dustbowl the Earth world has known since the dinosaurs were pubescent will come and make it impossible for anyone to eat anything, so we might as well eat something good as we bide our fate, yeah? (Sorry to be so grim, but seriously, if that UN report on global warming is 1001 reasons not to further the human race etc, I am not sure what is.)

The following recipe is chutney-ish, a riff on chutney. It worked out, so I am passing it on to you.

3-4 baby carrots, or a smallish full sized carrot, sliced
3/4 cup of dried shredded coconut, unsweetened
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 inches of ginger, peeled, sliced
red chili pepper--i used crushed/dried, but you could use "live"
1 tsp black peppercorns, crushed
2 tsp of mustard seeds
a scoop of raisins, soaked and plumped and drained--if you feel like it.

put carrots, ginger, coconut, red pepper and lemon juice in the blender and blend it til it is a choppy mix. scoop it out of the blender and put it in a bowl. It should be damp, not wet.
heat the peppercorns and mustard seeds in a little oil in a skillet til the mustard seeds turn grey and pop. scoop them out and mix them with the coconut stuff. add raisins if you feel like it and sprinkle a little salt on it and it's done.

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