April 08, 2007


I am sick and slept too much and spent the whole day coughing and Truffauting. L'argent de Poche --engl. title "Small Change" is my favorite so far, second to 400 Blows. J.p. Leaud's epic foreverness, the total boy--standing in for all children living and dead (to borrow a Greilism), it could make me cry if I think about that last shot hard for a minute. Like getting smashed in the faced with the aggregated powerlessness of childhood, that movie. This film, not so much. This one is about the secret torments of kids, but also with some built in Pippi Longstocking style precociousness and the invisibility of kidworld.

I have only seen half of his films though.

Anyhow, Bad Kids with stealy paws and ill fitting euro pants in secret kid world, c. 1976 mingle with normal kids. Much beautiful wallpaper and hot looking French women smooching greasy pate'd balding French dudes who are their husbands and father to their adorably clad kids in bright knickers. Again, the wallpaper cannot be understated. Neither can Oedipal themes, boys internal sexual terror in relation to their attraction to friends mothers, 10 year olds telling dirty jokes about nuns, the terrific fabrics of kids outfits and the dreamy shack-barn hut that the bruised kid lives in. Thats the kind of house I imagine I would build if I had to build one by myself. Doublewide lean-to with shingles and sticks piled on indiscriminately; a shit of a barn--a real dream casa.

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