April 05, 2007


This is the stuff I made in class. Some of it is presents. Maybe it's a present for you. I am pretty proud of my handy work. Considering how much weed I smoked in high school and what a fuck up I was, it's surprising I managed to get through high school without a single pottery class. That pink maybe-ashtray got a lot of compliments from the teachers for it's "organic form", I was going for seashell but Morgo has been calling it "the vagina bowl" since before it got fired. When I do my line of JH Home Collectible™ "Dirth of Pots and impractical teeny bowls (sic)"™ Collection™ for Target™ (launching in 2009--dreamin' big!)--there will be a secretly vagina bowl, like Judy Chicago fronting on Martha Stewart. Subversive feminist soap dishes are the new something something. The little pitcher is rife with sharp edges. The asparagus dish has a little elphant on the side. I think the rest are defs ashtrays. Or bathroom dishes made for keeping barettes in. The green dish has a round bottom and so if you put anything in it, it tips over. It's a trick bowl. It's a looking at bowl with an edge like a sawblade. Who knows?-- maybe it's yr dangerous birthday present.

So listen.
I got paid on some stuff, so anyone who I promise a present, banner, painting, ceramic knick-knackery to--shiz goes nationwide tomorrow via USPS. God bless stamps. Wordlife.
PS. Folks are posse-ing up for a trip to Fleetwood skate rink circa 7 pm on Saturday for an open skate. I am one of the drivers. Holler if you wanna skate. Or drive. Or shoot the duck while being blasted deef by b96 jams. It'll be way more fun than watching roadshow or getting over on bougie male coke hos at the 'Bo. Say that two times fast.

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