March 30, 2007


When you write for a newspaper, things are covered in a shroud of mystery mechanics. I have no idea who writes the headline for my column. Sometimes they surprise me with funny ones.

I just made five banners and am burrito-famished from all the cutting.

PS> I don't know if Battles are gonna be as rad live tonight as they are on this new record, but that record is a slip n' slide of pure pleasure. It reminds me of the Cocteau Twins (you already disagree, but draw the line between "Cherry-Colored Funk" to "Leyendecker"); they feel the same but in high speed reverse and totally macho. Macho thousand. Pulsing macho obliteration. I am not opposed. When Dave Konopka used to live here, I would see him at parties, and he was so uptight, someone--JJ always teased him about it. Once, we asked him how he achieved such a peerless prep look, and he told us his secret was that he only shopped at Banana Republic and then showed us the labels on his clothes to prove it. Thats one way to do it.

PPS> Ever notice that "Never Too Much" by Luther Vandross has this tense panic to the vocals? It's totally unsettling and doesn't feel like a love song at all. Did you ever read that thing on popbitch about how supposedly when he was on tour with En Vogue, they were really horrible and called him a fag all the time? The gender non-specificity in his songs seems really obvious now, in hindsight. I love Luther.

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