March 22, 2007


In case someone for got to put the memo in yr intra office mail box, "secret" show tomorrow. These Arms Are Snacks w/ special not secret just announced openers Jesu and Zozobra (all hail, Old Man Gloom fans), Friday at Subterranean, up in the Wicker Crotch.

In other news:
I successfully made a mobile and if i can just keep the cats off the table, I could wind up making one everyday. Pix tk. People told me you need a digital scale and straws and I used sticks and string and glue and paper and stapled the shit ot the ceiling and ouila! You don't need to be Calder to build art that even is mesmerizing to animals.

The SSION album is queer punk disco bonkers. I have no idea how one gets it other than mailorder. It's a comic book kind of thing with the CD in the back. Sing along style, with Cody's illustrations. Mine came with the SSION "Chopped & Crude" version, which supposedly--not saying to floss, but rather to let you know you might have to outsource yr efforts to find one--limited to an edition of 100 copies. It's not chopped from what I can tell, just a slowed down version of the album, which is still genius, and helps you figure out the words if you lose yr sing along booklet. Or for when you cruise in yr Cutlass.

Went on the first train-bridge walk of the year SANS COAT with JR today. He summarized the entire French Revolution for me in the span of a half hour. SUMMER IS OFF TO A TREMENDOUS START!

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