March 18, 2007


BARR was in town last night, now with his band. No longer solo, so you can't hear the words as well, which makes it less a confrontational referendum on the nature of being a performer, but he is still spearheading the current dialectic on audience/band relationship. Also, with a band behind him, his stage moves no longer recall yoga poses; now I just think "young Rollins". Brendan is like the inverse Rollins. Purely positive, performance as dialogue, macho rock n' roll mythos folded into a pale pink orgami swan and given as a gift.

"eyes closed / eyes open"
Barr is playing a secret show on Monday, at Ronnys (California between Armitage and the Blue Line stop), 8pm sharp. Marnie Stern and a sideproject of Eyesearsnose also play. Eyesearsnose opened last night and they were gentle, I picked up their cassette--it came in a spandex snakeskin cover that was sewn on. EEN, along with Bird Names and a few others I have seen lately give me two theories: 1. Animal Collective is the Beatles for art school kids 2. All the kids who came up on Wolf Eyes and Lightning Bolt and deconstructed blast music are all starting pop bands, but channeling the same chaos and energy into baby pianos and reverb.
These kids took my picture, so I took theirs. They were talking about Paper Rad, but their look was aNYthing meets Suicidal Tendencies. The kid on the left said "Lets do the stereotypical asian thing--throw a peace sign", but his friend was not very enthusiastic. There is a haunted house in his eyes.

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