March 14, 2007


Winter before this one, when Octavia Butler died, Bookworm rebroadcast the interview she did about Fledgling. I have yet to read this book or any of her others, but I go back a listen to this every couple months and understand something new of what she is saying. She has a voice like chopped and screwed sap. The bookworm podcast is one of my favorite things about the internets oppurtunities. On the recent one, Michael Silverblatt (so candid, so smart) asks Gore Vidal about a simple question about contemporary writers, and GV answers by going off about ancient Greeks, quoting poems he's memorized through the years and why he hates America for about a half hour without hardly a breath in between and not answering the question at all. Gore Vidal is pissed!

Also, more from the book I am reading:
My rambling metaphysics was getting caught in the trap of reducing experience to coherence and meaning, letting the perplexity of meaning reduce the joy in their mystery. To insist that diligent thought would bring an understanding of change was to limit life to the comprehensible.

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