March 06, 2007


Listen, I think I have something you want in on. 2007 is an auspicious year for learning, so lets get to what might be the first truly great thing we (you and me and also JR) all do this year: our pact. Discipline, let alone self-discipline, is hard for most people, so perhaps if we all agree to do together, it'll make it easier--to draw on collective willpower.
Here's a suggested outline:
The pact has to be personal.
It has to be for the greater good of your creative or learning life.
It has to last between 1-6 months.
You have to appoint a role model--so you can ask "What would Miranda July/Sacajawea/Larry Blackmon of Cameo do?" when you are in dire straights with your applied risk-taking pact. Print a picture of yr role model off the internet and put it in a copious place to remind you that you are on a path, you and your pact.

There is no reason not to start today. Even if it's something that seems hard, you can probably do it.

My pact started at the beginning of this month, and it is that for the next six months, I am not going to buy any clothes (socks excluded, shoes included); if I need or want some clothes I have to make them myself.

JR said his pact is to only listen to music made before 1950. I am not sure when he is starting.

What is your pact?

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