March 02, 2007


I really liked that Rob Sheffield book. I wrote a review that got pulled because I didn't say much beyond that it's restores the dignity to music nerd-dom that Nick Hornby stole. Or imbued. I liked Rob Sheffields book because it is sentimental, sappy, and has all sorts of weird little rules for living that are borne out of liking songs too much and I have that problem too. It's a book about missing a lot of things, which is not terribly fashionable at this late stage, and so I also liked that about it, because that's brave. Anyhow, there is an interview with Rob up on Fluxblog where he says:

RS: The live record is phenomenal. And it is SUCH a tape. Everybody had that on tape. It SOUNDS like a tape. Everybody had a tape with Remain in Light on one side and Fear of Music on the other. Everybody in 1985 had a tape with Little Creatures on one side and Fables of the Reconstruction on the other. In 1983 it was War and Murmur. You always like one side better. Summer '83, everybody had a tape with Speaking in Tongues/Synchronicity. In 1986, everybody had a tape that was split Lifes Rich Pageant and True Stories, but everybody taped over it with Raising Hell and Licensed to Ill. In 1988, it was Nation of Millions and Lovesexy. I taped a Sonny Rollins record over Lovesexy, it just didn't fit. You're Living All Over Me and Sister, that was another universal one. I miss that--like, what would be the right album to put on the other side of Boys and Girls in America?

Which is enough to make me think I might need to star gunning for a double cassette dub-deck at the thrift. My worldview shifting tape was my 9th-grade busride and hallways jam, which had had 2/3rd of Daydream Nation on side A and most of 3 Feet High and Rising on the other.

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