February 28, 2007


Ten years ago exactly today, I moved to Chicago. It's true! The longest I have lived anywhere, which makes it officially my hometown, beating out Minneapolis by a year. It's true! I got here to Chicago and then that night went out to the Empty Bottle for Brian Case's 21st birthday, where he vomitted all over the bar. It's true! Now 10 years later, he is the only one out of our whole posse who has much in the way of a successful music career (though Rob Lowe has his own DVD). It's true! Almost ten years ago, Liz Armstrong was not yet a popular local enigma and was just an ambitious young woman who lived in my bedroom with me on a sleeping bag-- and now she lives in Las Vegas. It's true! Shayla Hason worked across the street from my apartment but we did not become friends until seven years later. It's true! Not quite 10 years ago, I had a crush on Matt and now we are the human masters of two cats together and I get to drive him crazy with requests like "Please, talk like a pony" or "Can you get yr running clothes out of the shower" in person every single day. It's true! A decade ago, this month, I saw Braid play all the songs off Frame & Canvas at the Fireside and has a discussion after the show with everyone I went with, and we were all in serious agreement that "Braid are the next Fugazi"--and it felt like that was meaningful. It's ALL true!

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