February 25, 2007



There were several things that were great about the night. It snowed 4 inches while we were in the show. Plus, there was this. She entered by walking up the side isle, fresh from outside, with her coat and hat and scarf on, holding a to-go cup, walked on stage, took her outside stuff off, dropped it on the floor next to the piano, pulled out her bench, pushed up her sleeves and just started playing. She was wearing a bulky long sleeve shirt and pants with cargo pockets with a bunch of stuff in them. She was on stage looking like it was just a stop she had to make before she hit Petco for some litter. Oh, I loved that. It's a mom move, a confident, spiritual, feminist move, it's totally rockstar--the talent and the show is her, and thus, mascara/no mascara makes no difference at all.

She also has a big muppet-mouth smile, we were sitting almost behind her and I saw it's corners, dazzling back row teeth going zing like a gemstone in a cartoon when she'd look up to us between non-verse and the part that follows it.

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