February 22, 2007


Maybe you are ultrabloghound, so perhaps you saw it, but even if you did, you can stand to read again. The true story of inspiration behind Teenage Teardrops, the anything label. This just goes to show, LA is really posi, and is kicking the rest of America's proverbial creative ass. Ben and I widened our eyes over our juice drinks last night "I KNOW!" we said, in almost jinxable unison. When we lived there is was coffin city! No Jabberjaw and you had to settle for like, going to go see shows at The Roxy because 19 and on your punk hustle, with no house shows to be had. No special magazines. Today, JR and Burian and I were eating lunch at my kitchen table and JR suggested that the next issue of HIOQI be about the realities of aging punks, or just aging. Meaning confessing, shamelessly, that you miss the 90s or you miss college or being grown and 33 is hellsa fiasco. Which summarizes the last issue of Change Zine. That is always the issue you put out before you give up and get married and work with with in a cubicle. I am not generalizing, because I have known live actual people this happens to. Every 22 seconds, an old punk gives up the ghost. Only 1 in 12 punks will make it to 34. It could be happening to someone you know right now. It could happen to you.
But (extended story in extra inning made short) this Teardrops interview is really about the oldpunx path to enlightenment. You can love Judge, but you can also have an open heart to the future and not lose anything by it.

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