February 20, 2007


It's happening again. It has been forever. Since that Chicagoist party where someone plugged in a lamp and it made the one turntable short and I had to "spin" by the dim lite of the iPod. I think that was summer or spring. But, somehow, with no use of force nor sympathetic magic (like walking around the house with headphones on yelling "SORRY--I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS" at the plants) I am djing.
I am djing next Tuesday, which is the 27th, before Jordan Z. It will happen from 10-11:30 at Funky Buddha Lounge, which is on Grand, just below where it intersects with Halsted and Milwaukee. My guess is that my dj-skills will be moderately rusty, but my selections will be pure and tender. Blackstreet, Ellen Allien and "Cola Bottle Baby", for sure, and then the rest will be nasty dancing music and some rap songs that I like. I think it is either cheap or free. Be forewarned, this is a bar that does not have free water, only those giant VOS waters that look like they should actually be shampoo.
Thats all, goodnight.

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