February 13, 2007


It's a twofer. Hey! If you liked that video--SCREAM CLUB IS ACTUALLY PLAYING. ON Thursday. $5 at Ronnys Bar, 2103 California. Gamine Thief, new band Wretched Pin Ups, and homocore from Minneapolis Central Standard. Gamine Thief are some of the folks who put together the Chicago Girls Rock camp and they are akin to early Sleater Kinney, but with two Corrins and a trumpet. Five bucks gets you tons of feminist rock, lesbitronic dance raps, gender queer ambition making good on old riot girl promise--alllll night long. See you there!

PS. Sorry that this week blog is gone the way of a save-the-date calendar/er. Hopefully this is a non issue for you because you are local to the Chi and anxious to find something to do other than wait til the blowing snow advisory passes and cry over the childhood you never had.

PPS. If you have finished out whatever season of whatever cable show you compulsively netflixxed or w/e, let me suggest to you a little movie called KLUTE, which stars Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland. It is Jane at the height of her powers, with a flawless feathered mullet that signalled her entre into feminism and totally bummed out her philandering frenchie husband who was into her femmey bouffant ( in real life, not the movie). She plays a hooker who lives in a basement apartment that looks like a prison cell, has an icey-cool soul and it is a scary movie for a lot of reasons. I think technically it's a "psychological thriller", but it's a ride in the whip of hell-tension and hot Jane Fonda in her call girl couture is driving. That is my other suggestion. If you don't want to go to the riot girl dance party at the skeevy bar, watch Klute.

PPS. Is it just me or is the current season of 24 really terrible? I don't care who dies, gets tortured, gets shot to protect freedom, radiated to death etc--I just want Kiefer to stop yelling "TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW" or "FIND THEM AND GET BACK TO ME" every 1 minute, and yelling it like some just knifed him in the colon. The only thing I am buying is the farmer from BABE as the evil dad. Everyone else can get eaten alive by nuclear terrorist horses for all I care.

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