February 13, 2007


Not like I am planning on leaving this apartment anytime before that snow melts, but the art institute is free until the 21st. This apartment has forced-air heat and it has spoiled me and I do not like to be out or away from warmth. After years of living in questionable dilapidated situations where the winter-living involved doorway blankets, box fans strung up and hung at weird angles, industrial plastic sheeting tacked multilayered over every window, stuffing mysterious gusting spaces with caulk and balled up newspaper circulars to keep snow from entering your room, serious denial and multi-appliance jerryrigging etc-- after years of that--having a house that goes above 60 feels like a real treat. I told Matt yesterday that I am not sure I qualify as punk anymore and that I think it mostly has to do with having central air.

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