February 11, 2007


Is it a pig in the story that goes "home again home again jiggity jog"?
I am home in my house and have felt gone forever and now feel relieved and comforted. This is not to say I minded sleeping on a hot couch or a cold utility closet futon, because I did not. The guest closet I slept in was painted dark purple and was decorated with a sewn, patched flag of a bedsheet pinned up to diffuse the bare bulb and a taped-up xerox of Ornette and Anthony Braxton (i think) playing pool and looking cool in collared shirts and sweaters. The little cat that lives there licked my hair clean while I slept. I didn't mind at all.

And then, suddenly, the next day came and I was in Times Square (on business, we all are when we are there). And a curious thing came to pass: I breathed the same rareified air as Nicole Richie. She stood next to me and Jon widened his eyes violently as a signal, and I saw her from the corner and she was such a slight wisp of humanity, I had already seen thought she was a little child of 9 or 10 who was in the Good Charlottes entourage--a lil' sis or a terminal, prize-winning child.

And then later you think today I was brushed by the bulky handbag of one of my generations premier celebutauntes and just yesterday I was standing in the kitchen of the Lil' Pancakes house talking about finding meaning in post Paper Rad art (comics, neon, irony) when Mike said that he thinks that sort of thing is the concern of the aristocracy. He was making lentils & coconut rice when he said that. I tried to explain New Sincerity, what I know, but conceeded "I don't know much about Judith Butler beyond her wikipedia entry." and something like (digression).

And you think Does Nicole Richie like art that is sincere or does she prefer art that is ironic? Does she get jealous that she goes TRL with her friends a lot but is never on herself--always the bridesmaid?

I said: "I am into art that means something. I like stuff I can feel about."

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