February 06, 2007


New England was designed for horses and buggies and the houses and buildings are plopped down and curiously arranged in a no particular direction mish mash and as a result, all crooked streets and roundabouts and after years on the grid system, my brain was choogled. In just trying to get to the Lil' Pancakes house, a mere 4-5 blocks from Providence exit 21, it took an hour of circles, a couple passes past the mall and a tryin'-to-turn-around which brought me way closer to Woonsocket then it shoulda. It is frosty as the dickens in this old 1880-ish casa--a given for all truly punk houses--blazing uncontrollable heat or run-in-place-to-stay-warm is the rule--but the hospitality is rill nice and I am getting a fresh tattoo tomorrow, sometime after breakfast, but before the "pizza party".

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