February 03, 2007


There is no way to explain with out coming up short. Also, myspaced recordings are paler still. But. It's worth a shot, so bear with me: Retribution Gospel Choir were the best band I have seen since that nutso Coughs show last winter. I been confident about what Alan can do for a crowd since I saw Low play at Speedboat Gallery to an audience of just 10th grade me and Azalia Snail, and I like Low more now that they are scuzz-loco, all kinds of doom and boom, but this, his other band is all together some other hot science. Retribution Gos. Choir seems topically bent on violence, and the lyrics all reminded me of PJ Harvey. They solo'd tons, and the songs had the perfection and resolution of "Serve the Servants", but were violent in the words (valleys, death, war, stray kids slicing their faces off, weapons, the bible) and the freak out was genuinely unhinged, like they prolly could not reign it back in if they tried. Then they did a Black Uhuru cover that sounded like Crazy Horse w/ Grant Hart on drums. One song had the great, great line "I have heard your records / And they sound a lot like mine"--snap! Afterwards, JR and I kept talking about them all night, like how are you feasibly a reggae band that sounds like Big Star and the apocalypse? How are you able to put Ragged Glory, "Heart Shaped Box" and I-Roy in one song and not sound like hot hell as presided over by a Sublime cover band? It is possible and being done, as you live and breathe.

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