February 01, 2007


Business notes:
1. The benefit, if you were not there and do not know, was a unqualified success, hella duckets were raised, the bands were terrif, fun was had by all. That was no surprise. What was a surprise is that in 100-1 odds (literally), the winner of the "Fred Armisen in yr own home prize" was Fred's ex-wife, Sally Timms. Sally offered her ticket up to the highest bidder; The Empty Bottle came in with the big cash, and plan to use the Fred performance to anchor another benefit for baby Cal. If you couldn't make it, you will have another chance to support the Robbins family and get wasted in public sometime before the summer is out.

2. I am having a recurring dream that is so awful and wonderful that I must share it, and hope that perhaps someone can use it for fodder for DC band slash fiction. It is even better than the one last week where instead of a car I drove a gazebo with wheels on it. This dream is progressing like a soap opera--in chapters: I am a roadie for a Red Hot Chili Peppers / Fugazi / Cranium super-band. In the dream, they are all on tour together and then have a rotating line up in this super band, which in my dream sounds like Mars Volta but much more softly magical--but the nucleaus is Fruciante on gtr, Guy singing and the rest of Cranium as backing band. Most of the songs are like "weedly weedly weedly aaaaahhhhh klang klang aaaah" but with a lot of tremelo and delay. In the first dream I was just stage managing them at some goth metal festival, setting up the on stage stripper pole and colorful curtains that whip around them as they play. But in subsequent dreams I have managed to talk my way into being in the band by telling them I played in "a little known American version of Huggybear" and then they ask me "So how many songs do you know how to play?" and the answer that gets me in the band: "Tons. All kinds."

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