January 28, 2007


Since the hard work of raffle coordination was behind me, I thought a movie date was in order and according to the movie-circular on the side of the fridge, the new David Lynch film had opened, and with interest renewed by the G. Marcus book which I half hated but enjoyed the Lynch-y parts most of all, we went to see Inland Empire. I left feeling unmoved after 3 plus hours of Laura Dern's nostrils shown in continous tight upshot so as they appeared to be quivering manholes in her face. I came home and needed my brain washed free of the Dern and blinking lights by whatever is the inverse of what I just saw and got excited that there was a special on rhinos on--perfect!--I love rhinos, this will really do the trick. Within a minute of turning on the PBS, I saw something that was more disturbing than all 120081 infiniminutes of Inland Empire, it was so disturbing, I said out loud, to myself only "No they are not!"... but they were! They (the camera crew of Nature) was interviewing a doctor-of-rhinos while she was literally armpit deep in husbandry. She stopped what she was doing, but yet kept talking to the camera with her entire arm was still inside the rhino's vagina. Then they cut to a baby rhino, then they cut to footage of the doctor casually removing her arm, removing her mucky shoulder length glove and smiling, all like "'sup!". If David Lynch really wanted to freak people out, he just needs to make a documentary about the rhino-ob/gyn at the Cincinatti Zoo.

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