January 25, 2007


Attention--the benefit (1/27 at the Bottle)--is going to sell out, so if you are coming--- get up in Ticketweb like a spidermonkey--NOW. It's gonna be a hell of a show and also--you can't enter the raffle without showing up. And if you don't enter the raffle you cannot potentially win Fred Armisen in yr house, outta print Aesop Rock book w/ 7", Puma DJ bag that look an awful lot like this bag, tickets to Intonation, The Pretenders box set and the Radiohead ltd. edition book-cd that has been out of print since the day it came out. I got 10 full size grocery bags in the dining room, each holding untold raffle bounty--and I have not even mentioned the travel books, thermoses, t-shirts and Wendy O Williams DVD.

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