January 24, 2007


It's not all him, but it's none the less pretty great JR is scrawling on the Myopic blog. Myopic, for out of towners and those that avoid the crotch of the city, is the only place you should be buying your books. Service is unparalled. You can go in there an be like "My boyfriend likes noir murder-mystery novels, but has all the classics and standard-bearers--what can you recommend as a gift?" and JR or one of his co-workers will walk you down into the room in the basement that smells like an old well and put, like, 10 sure-fire titles in your hands. Did you know that JR has read something like 22 books on Lincoln? I did. Anyhow, you should go there, they are open until midnight or one most of the time and you can nerd out for hours without hassle, and they sell coffee and iced tea. Any excuse to go there will do. Trust me.

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