January 21, 2007


I went to Pilsen to do some reporting at the place above Nora's old place. I got there early and visited with Nora. She and Becky had to leave for a birthday party. They are magic girls to me.

I see Becky at yoga sometimes--even her yoga outfits are cool. Like Street Hassle-era Lou Reed but yet totally aerobic at the same time. Becky's room is 89% plants. Dave Laney used to live in this room, back when we were in Challenger together. When Dave lived there it looked like an Amerisuites room in comparison. There were not branches with dry spanish moss suspended from the cieling or medical diagrams painted on the walls.

I always thought of myself as the sort of girl who would take a slip and write on it and use it as a lampshade--

but after being at her house I realized I am not DIY, I am just someone who likes to sew and paint... I peeked into a spare room and saw what DIY means; the women of Beckys house have a full bore woodshop going on--with logs and sawhorses and a jigsaw. I was too intimidated to even ask what they are building. They are probably building a boat or a log cabin on a boat.

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