January 04, 2007


The ANP art bloggins that Aaron and Brendan are doing is so sweet casual, I am feeling it's deep and incidental "'sup?!" ways. Aaron posted this Daido Moriyama picture of a dog:
that was so great I had to draw it. I got some art supplies for xmas, so I inked it up. What a great dog. It looks like it could be staggering towards death, or deep into dog-living--the scary/alacrity dynamic, homeless king of the streets or greatly beloved and overfed. The big teeth are central.
I liked the other photos so much I went to the library right then to see whatelse I could find on him to look at.
I feel like my entire life is in that missing nail
and that this one is the ripe future: alive and frightening! The flower is a portal.

The library only had a tiny book from the "55" series for checkout (big ones are REF only-boo!), but it was good enough: The pictures made me hungry for everything I don't know.

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