December 28, 2006


Abe Vigoda: latino art wavers from Chino, CA, young and skronky, sinewy jamboree, on point as far as "look at yr boots/remember yr roots/ and think of D. Boon". Maybe you already know whats up with them; though I think that'd mean you live in LA and everyone in LA's job is to know whats up with everything. Or maybe yr into mailorder--their PPM record just got repressed in an edition of 215 copies, real snooze-you-loose prospect. Either way, I know, amongst certain types, sharing bands via blog is steeped in this weird proprietariness, the look of scooping, foisting the obscure as emblematic of cool--even though all it is proof of is being able to fall down the rabbit hole of Myspace or having friends who take mixCD trading really seriously, but seriously, lets avoid that. It all just is. Like both Op Ivy and Queen Latifah both once said "U-N-I-T-Y".

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