December 23, 2006


Mnpls and surrounding area: this week I am back. Tell me where yr party is, yr basement show, yr danceparty. Do not tell me about your party if it was like the party we went to last night, which was ok til the partywide game of telephone passed through and suddenly quick shifts of eight made haste towards a closed bedroom; the coat room had turned to the coke room and I had forgotten--the whole town is recreational--so it was like a stampede and minutes later the place erupted into too hard laughing, jaw gnashing, plus-loud chattering and hugging girls spilling their drinks down each others backs. So I took a raincheck on Craigs story about the new H. Washington display going in at the library, and JR and I said peace and made for the exit; we're a just chewing gum and ginger ale sect.

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